After 47 years of active practice as a registered architect, I retired in January of 2015 from BDA Architects, Clarks Summit, PA, where I was a partner and executive vice president for thirty years.  A year or so after beginning my retirement I began to do some rough pencil sketching, something I hadn’t done since studying in Florence, Italy in 1967.  Those first few sketches were, by any appraisal, very rudimentary and not particularly good, but over the next few months the results improved significantly and I found myself actually developing a style of my own. 

Virtually all of my sketches are of buildings which would appear to be a direct result of my architectural training and professional background.  Since resuming sketching a bit over a year ago, I have produced in excess of seventy sketches.  The first few of these sketches were done  
completely in pencil and include some very detailed, hard line pieces as well as some which were freehand and loose in style.  Slowly, and on a very experimental basis, I began to draw in ink while introducing small splashes of color, and over the next few months those splashes grew to the point where the work I was producing was full color.  Because of the color and looseness of the style, I like to refer to those first color pieces as “building cartoons”.  Beginning sometime in the latter part of 2016, I began to produce full color drawings with significantly more detail which is indicative of my more recent work.  The color in these sketches is achieved with professional grade markers, a medium not typically used for this type of work.   While some of my sketching is done on site and then finished in the comfort of my home, some of the pieces were done completely from photos found on the internet, a step which has enabled me to greatly broaden the geographic range of my subjects.

In addition to my recent pencil, ink and color sketches, over the past 45 or so years I have intermittently produced several abstract acrylic pieces on canvas which I would loosely define as “graphics”.  These pieces are typified by the use of very definable shapes and overlapping primary colors.  Among those are some works consisting of multiple pieces, totally separate yet very much interrelated, as well as some three dimensional components made up of painted wood elements.

With minor exception, to date most of my writing is non-fiction and based mainly upon my mostly humorous observations of life and its every day challenges and frustrations, both of which go hand in hand.  I tend to find humor in just about everything, and my writing is my attempt to share with others how my eyes, ears and other senses perceive and interpret the ever changing (and sometimes annoying) world around us.  Every week or two I expect to add a few more sketches and/or another chapter or two from one of my books.  I’ll be starting first with my latest book, “Things That Really Piss Me Off”.  The title says it all, and I’m sure you’ll readily relate to many of the chapters.

I get a great deal of joy from sharing both my art and writing with others, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have creating it.  If you like my work please “like” me on Facebook, or just send me an email at [email protected]  and let me know what you think.